Martin Grove and Eglinton Study

This study is an examination of the underlying issues causing traffic congestion at the western end of the Eglinton West corridor. The study is assessing opportunities to improve the overall transportation network to address existing traffic congestion and better enable the implementation of the LRT through this area.

(Anticipated Report: Mid 2018)

What Are We Studying?

We know this intersection can frustrate commuters. To help ease frustrations, work is underway to examine current traffic flow through and around the intersection, and to develop solutions to reduce existing and potential traffic issues. This study seeks to better serve both local and area residents by improving connections between the surrounding road network and the 401 and 427 ramps.

History of the Eglinton &
Martin Grove Area

  • Early 1970s – Plans completed for the Richview Expressway – an expressway along Eglinton with an interchange at Martin Grove – with construction of high speed flyover ramps to and from Eglinton at the Highway 401/ 427 interchange.
  • Late 1970s – Construction of the Richview Expressway was not carried forward but the interchange and highway ramps remained, feeding traffic directly onto Eglinton Avenue.
  • 2016 - The Martin Grove intersection was identified as one of the top 10 congestion hotspots in the City – implementation of several interventions (e.g., optimized signal timing) to try to address traffic issues.
This is an image of two maps titled Map A and Map B. They display images of the plans for the Richview Expressway from the year 1971. Map A shows the first design proposal and Map B shows the revised design proposal.

Metropolitan Toronto Transportation Plan Review: Review of the Richview Expressway, Report No. 45, February 1974

Current Issues

  • Highway ramps feed onto Eglinton, resulting in high volumes of merging, weaving, turning and diverting traffic.
  • Missing links in the road network force some highway traffic to use Martin Grove Road to reach Highway 401, and some Eglinton Avenue traffic to use Martin Grove Road to reach Highway 27.
  • Martin Grove intersection sees two to three times more left-turns than an average intersection.
This map is showing the current issues within the Eglinton / Martin Grove / Highway 401 / Highway 427 / Highway 27 area during peak period traffic congestion. The complex road network is displayed with Martin Grove Road to the east and the Highway 401 / 427 / 27 network to the west, with Eglinton Avenue West running through the centre. Colour-coded arrows are shown on the map and in a legend. The red arrows symbolize missing links, the navy blue arrows symbolize merging, the orange and yellow arrows symbolizer weaving and the pink arrows symbolize heaving turning movements. A map insert is included on the top right-hand corner which provides a zoomed in version of Eglinton Avenue West, showing many cars waiting in traffic.

Next Steps

Identification of design alternatives to improve traffic.
These could include:

  • A simplified, more connected road network
  • Intersection capacity improvements
  • New ramps
  • Transit links
  • Traffic management techniques

Eglinton West LRT Updates