With the City projected to grow to 3.4 million1 people and 1.72 million1 jobs by 2041, we must take steps to ensure our region remains a great place to live and work. For this reason, SmartTrack – including the Eglinton West LRT – will be a critical part of our expanding transportation network; a network that will ensure all types of public transportation – LRT, bus, streetcar, rail – work together to serve existing and future populations.

The Eglinton West LRT – a key component of the SmartTrack program – will change how we move around Toronto. It will operate mostly in dedicated lanes, allowing for efficient and reliable trips. The Eglinton West LRT will also improve mobility and give people more options for accessing jobs in midtown Toronto and the Airport Corporate Centre, and for travelling to Pearson International Airport.

Rapid transit on Eglinton West from Mount Dennis to Renforth Station (Commerce Boulevard), and beyond to Pearson International Airport will mean more travel connections for local and area residents, better access to businesses and jobs and shorter transit commutes, in addition to the environmental benefits public transit offers.




[1] Proposed Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, 2016

What's Happening Now?


The City of Toronto, along with its partners Metrolinx and the TTC, are looking to enhance and refine the plan for the LRT that was approved in 2010 as part of an earlier Environmental Assessment.

Metrolinx is also leading work to determine the best route for the LRT from Renforth Station (Commerce Boulevard) to the Regional Transit Centre (RTC) being planned at Pearson International Airport, working closely with its partners the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA), the City of Mississauga, the City of Toronto and the TTC.




The City knows that good planning relies on community involvement, and that better decisions are made when a variety of perspectives are considered. We want to hear your ideas, suggestions and opinions, and are committed to keeping you informed and engaged as we complete each phase of the planning process. 

Review the work that is currently underway for the Eglinton West LRT and provide your feedback by completing the online survey. 


This is an image of the roll map provided at the first public meeting with colourful post-it notes containing suggestions for the Eglinton corridor.


This diagram is showing the work program schedule for the Eglinton West LRT. The work will occur over three phases. Phase 1 will be a refinement and enhancement of the 2010 environmental assessment approved plans. Public meetings will be held in October and November of 2017 for this phase, and a report to council will be made in November and December of 2017 that identifies the recommendations on grade separations and stop locations. Phase 2 of the work program will involve finalizing the solutions. Public meetings will take place early in 2018, followed by another report to council to seek authority to proceed to the Transit Project Assessment Process (TPAP). Phase 3 of the work program will be an amendment to the TPAP. This will include public meetings mid to late 2018, followed by a final report to council in early 2019 to seek authority to proceed to procurement. Following this three phase work program will be the detailed design and construction of the Eglinton West LRT.

Eglinton West LRT Updates


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