Current Work

As part of SmartTrack, plans are being refined for the Eglinton West LRT that will run from Mount Dennis to Renforth Station (Commerce Boulevard). This light rail link would extend the Eglinton Crosstown (currently under construction), and is based on “Phase 2” of the Crosstown, first approved in 2010.

Approved stop locations, Commerce Blvd., Martin Grove, Widdicombe Hill/Lloyd Manor, Kipling, Wincott/Bemersyde, Islington, Royal York, Mulham, Scarlett and Jane.

This previously approved project is being reviewed and optimized as part of SmartTrack to ensure that it best meets the needs of both the city and the local community. Work is also underway to identify the optimal route to connect the Eglinton West LRT to the Greater Toronto Airports Authority’s (GTAA’s) future Regional Transportation Centre and surrounding area (i.e., from Renforth Station north to Pearson International Airport).

In 2010, the City together with the TTC, completed an Environmental Assessment for an LRT on Eglinton from Kennedy Station in the east to Pearson International Airport in the west. The 2010 EA approved western segment of the Eglinton Crosstown LRT (Phase 2) would run in a dedicated lane along the centre of Eglinton Avenue, on the surface of the roadway, and includes 2 lanes of auto traffic in both directions – the same as exist today. Details like the configuration of turning lanes have not yet been determined.


This includes two images. First, a photo of the current conditions of the Eglinton Avenue West and Kipling Avenue intersection. The photo includes a view down Eglinton with townhouses on the left, the signalized intersection with three lanes of traffic on the left and two lanes of traffic on the right, separated by a median. There are sidewalks on both sides of Eglinton and a bus stop on the left-hand corner. Construction pylons are set up alongside the right side of the road. Second, is an artist`s concept digital drawing of what the Eglinton and Kipling intersection would look like with the LRT in place. The concept includes a view down Eglinton with townhouses on the left, the LRT stop and LRV in the centre of the roadway, signalized traffic on the right and tree-lined sidewalks with a few pedestrians on the far right. Two traffic lanes remain on each side of the LRT right-of-way.

In 2017, as part of the SmartTrack program, plans advanced fort the western portion of the approved LRT that included further refinement of the project concept and the identification of the preferred stop locations for the section between Mt. Dennis and Renforth Station (Commerce Boulevard).

In December 2017, Council approved ten stop locations for the Eglinton West LRT at Renforth Station (Commerce Boulevard), Martin Grove, Widdicombe Hill/Lloyd Manor, Kipling, Wincott/Bemersyde, Islington, Royal York, Mulham, Scarlett, and Jane. The stops between Renforth Station (Commerce Boulevard) and the airport have not yet been finalized.

As we continue to refine plans for the LRT, we are also looking at ways to increase value to the community. Additional opportunities we are studying in 2018 include:

We expect to share our findings and get feedback from the public in Fall 2018 to keep community members up to date on our progress before reporting to Council again in early 2019 and moving onto further design work. Your input to these on-going studies will help shape plans for our new Eglinton West LRT. Help build the future of your community by learning more about the Eglinton West LRT, subscribing to the Project mailing list to receive updates, taking part in all of our planned engagement activities, providing feedback on our Social Pinpoint page, and following our Facebook Page and Twitter Account.

Together, we can build the City and the transit network we want.