What We Heard From You - Concerns

You told us about some of your concerns:

“Put the Eglinton West LRT underground (at least from Royal York Road to Martin Grove Road) so that all users of this corridor may travel with efficiency and to preserve the multitude of green space Etobicoke has to offer.”

“An at-grade LRT will greatly impede the vehicular traffic flow which is necessary for local community residents.”

“We need to make sure that the LRT does not create a barrier for north-south movements across Eglinton West.”

“For the City the LRT may provide easier access to and from the airport. May (most likely) adversely impact local community as vehicles avoid Eglinton and move onto side streets.”

“If the Eglinton West LRT is tunneled, you would have more options available to improve traffic flow on Eglinton. You could add more left turn and right turn lanes.”

“We need improved safety for pedestrians and cyclists.”