Why The Eglinton West LRT Makes Sense


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The Eglinton West LRT will:

  • Provide improved rapid transit access and choices for those in Etobicoke and western Toronto to get to school, work, businesses and other key destinations;
  • Improve transit capacity, comfort and reliability along the corridor, allowing more people to move along the avenue with minimal impact to local traffic;
  • Keep existing traffic lanes on Eglinton West (i.e., two in each direction); and,
  • Permit left-turns at intersections using a separate traffic signal.


The Eglinton West LRT will:

  • Close a gap in Toronto’s rapid transit network, resulting in better access to businesses, jobs, schools and other key destinations and more reliable transit commutes;
  • Provide a single high-capacity link between Scarborough, Midtown Toronto, and Mississauga’s Airport Corporate Centre; and,
  • Provide access to the Mississauga Transitway bus rapid transit (BRT) system, the Kitchener GO corridor, and the Union-Pearson (UP) Express.
Pearson Airport Travelers


The Eglinton West LRT will:

  • Be a connection for national and international travelers heading to and from Pearson Airport;
  • Help accommodate the projected growth at Pearson Airport by providing additional travel choices and increased network
    capacity; and,
  • Offer employees, students, tourists and local commuters a new, reliable way to get to and from Pearson Airport and western Toronto.

What Are The Benefits Of LRT?

  • Provides an additional sustainable transportation choice to those who live, work, or travel through the community;
  • Serves population and employment growth; and,
  • Produces near-zero emissions, meaning low impact on air quality, making it the right choice for the environment and future generations.