Why is the Eglinton West LRT Needed?

As Toronto continues to grow, we need to take steps to ensure our community continues to be a great place to live and work. This includes making sure that people have choices about how to move around. The Eglinton West LRT will provide benefits to the local community as well as the whole region. In addition to giving local residents the option of travelling on fast, reliable rapid transit, the line will close a gap in our existing transit network. The LRT services will provide a high-capacity link between SmartTrack and the Eglinton Crosstown (Line 5) at Mount Dennis, the Airport Corporate Centre, and Pearson International Airport. From Renforth Station (at Commerce Boulevard) transit riders will be able to travel west on the Mississauga Transitway or north to the future Regional Transit Centre (RTC).

All this means more travel connections for local and area residents, better access to area businesses and jobs, and shorter transit commutes.

Making Room.

Adapting to Growth.

By 2041, the Province expects the Toronto area to grow to almost 3.4 million1 people and 1.72 million jobs2 – we need better ways to serve those who use our roads. Having the same capacity as 16 lanes of free-flowing traffic, the LRT is capable of moving between 60,000 and 70,000 people per day.

Taking Flight

Taking Flight.

Toronto Pearson International Airport transported 44 million passengers in 2016 with daily, direct flights to 67% of the world's economies, and is at the core of the second largest employment hub in Canada. As air travel demand continues to grow – by 2037, 85 million passengers are expected through Toronto Pearson – the Eglinton West LRT will provide much-needed access for employees and travellers alike.3

Building Complete Communities

Connecting Communities.

The new LRT will support the creation of connected spaces and investment in services and infrastructure, helping to enhance our quality of life and contributing to city building. Continuing LRT services west on Eglinton will provide a missing and necessary connection across the community and the City.

Better Health and Environment

Better Health and Environment.

Without adequate transit options, as the population grows so will car traffic and congestion. Rapid transit options protect our environment by reducing per trip greenhouse gas emissions and providing an alternative to car use.

Improving Mobility

Improving Mobility.

The Eglinton West LRT will give commuters more choice. Providing an accessible and reliable rapid transit option will encourage people who did not see themselves as transit users to consider new ways to get around.