Public Consultation Principles


Engagement processes will be transparent by providing clarity on the level of engagement residents can expect, making records of consultation processes available to the public in a timely manner, and clearly indicating how feedback has affected Project outcomes.


Engagement processes will be designed to ensure that feedback is sought at appropriate and meaningful times in the planning process.


Engagement processes will be iterative, providing multiple opportunities for participants both to offer feedback and to see how their feedback has been used.


Engagement processes will be designed to engage the widest possible audience, and will include strategies to reach under-represented groups, including youth, newcomers and renters.


Engagement processes will be designed using innovative methodologies in order to achieve the highest level of engagement possible.


Engagement processes will be respectful of the expert knowledge that residents have of their communities, and will promote a respectful and positive environment where people feel comfortable voicing constructive opinions.


Planning processes will seek to improve the public’s understanding of planning issues, with clear objectives to improve planning literacy.


Where appropriate, engagement processes will be designed to be as fun as possible for participants.

Community Building

Engagement processes will be designed to encourage community-building by strengthening relationships between members of the community and the City Planning Division.