SAG Update Memo – June 2018

Project Status

Since our last meeting with the Stakeholder Advisory Group on October 23, 2017, staff have worked towards refinement of the project concept, including finalizing the evaluation of potential grade separations at 6 key intersections along the corridor, the identification of stop locations, and defining the route into the airport.

The next planned meeting with the Stakeholder Advisory Group meeting will be July 18, 2018 and will focus on the vision for the corridor as part of the Planning and Streetscape Study. Invitations will follow shortly.

Council Direction

In late 2017, we finalized a number of technical memos based on technical advice and comments received from SAG members. These include:

We reported to Council in December 2017 (EX29.1) recommending against any grade separations along Eglinton West as the estimated costs of a grade separation is greater than the estimated benefits of the asset over the 60-year lifecycle.

City Council approved ten (10) stops between Mount Dennis and Renforth Station (Commerce Blvd.) for the Toronto Segment of the Eglinton West LRT, as originally reported in December of 2016 (EX19.1).

In addition, Council directed staff to form a working group of community stakeholders in consultation with local councillors, to investigate further grade separation and or tunneling options to further develop traffic modelling and an enhanced framework that places additional consideration on local community interest.

Current Status/Ongoing Work

Community Working Group

As directed by Council, City Planning staff worked closely with local Councillors to identify community members interested in participating in the CWG. The group is comprised of approximately 14 members drawn from the community, including residents, transit riders and other local stakeholders from Wards 3, 4 and 11, in order to provide a local community perspective on the technical planning, design work and evaluation process for the Eglinton West LRT project.

The first meeting of the CWG was held on March 7th, 2018 and focused on understanding the Group's interests and concerns and identify potential future work. The meeting focused on developing a Terms of Reference for the group and developing an understanding of the Community Working Group's areas of interest in order to develop a work plan that reflects the key questions and issues. Comments gathered from the first meeting were integrated into a draft Work Plan for the Community Working Group's input, review, and sign-off.

Key topics that emerged included:

  • how community considerations are factored into decision-making
  • how business case analysis is used and what are the key inputs
  • ridership, traffic modelling and traffic impacts
  • intergovernmental partnerships and funding arrangements

Over the coming months, City Planning staff, in partnership with Metrolinx and the TTC, will continue working closely with the CWG to implement their work plan. The work plan is being undertaken over Spring and Summer 2018 with additional meetings scheduled as required.

The SAG will receive for their consideration all CWG information, including meeting minutes, meeting presentations, CWG Terms of Reference, and the CWG Work Plan. The information will then be posted publically to the Eglinton West LRT project website.

All current materials from the CWG are linked here.

Estimated Completion: Q4 2018

Eglinton West Planning + Streetscape Study

The Planning + Streetscape Study is an in-depth examination of the Eglinton West LRT Corridor and includes an overarching planning, public realm study and streetscape plan. The planning study will develop a framework, policies, strategic initiatives and an implementation plan to support future city-building in the corridor and encourage ridership on the LRT. It will provide a clear vision for the western corridor, and will contribute to any EA Addendum and project specifications as the project progresses. (Project Page - Planning Study)

At this time, a consultant has been engaged to conduct the Planning + Streetscape Study. City Staff are currently working with the consultant team to refine the project schedule and work plan. Work is now underway and the SAG will be invited to participate in a visioning workshop on July 18 of this year. A second workshop with the SAG is expected in the September 2018 to review preliminary plans and provide input to the project team.

Estimated Completion: Q1 2019

Eglinton West + Martin Grove Functional Planning Study

This study is an examination of the underlying issues causing traffic congestion at the western end of the Eglinton West corridor. The study is assessing opportunities to improve the overall transportation network to address existing traffic congestion and better enable the implementation of the LRT through this segment.

The anticipated outcome is to provide an alternative to grade separation that would also address current traffic issues in anticipation of the introduction of the LRT. (Project Page - Martin Grove Study)

During the analysis, one option has emerged that suggests some benefit. Additional work has been undertaken to test sensitivities, conduct further analysis of traffic operational performance and refine the preferred concept.

The SAG will be consulted before the recommended solution is finalized.

Estimated Completion: July 2018

Enhanced Traffic Modelling

Based on comments received from the SAG, and building on the traffic model developed last year as part of the grade separation analysis, a comprehensive traffic simulation model is being developed to support the refinement and optimization of the approved 2010 EA Eglinton West LRT design concept. The model development will include a multi-modal lens and will account for interactions between all users of the corridor, including the LRT, vehicle traffic, pedestrians and cyclists.

The model is expected to provide insight into future work including the optimization of traffic conditions along the corridor and minimizing delays to all corridor users LRT, auto, and pedestrian crossings, as well as addressing outstanding issues including traffic infiltration analysis, left-turn analysis, and signal timing, as well as contribute to the overall project concept and offer a key input for an Updated Business Case.

Estimated Completion: September 2018

Airport Segment Feasibility Study

Metrolinx is leading the work for the Airport Segment portion of the Eglinton West LRT project. The current work is focusing on more detailed analysis of the optimal routing into the airport as well as to provide several options for the specific connection to the GTAA's future Regional Transit and Passenger Centre (RTPC). Project Page - Airport Study

An 18-month design process for the GTAA's RTPC is also currently underway and will establish a 2037 vision, concept design and phasing plan for an integrated new passenger processor and regional transit centre.

The outcomes of this work will be presented to the SAG as part of any updates.

Estimated Completion: Q3 2018

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