Planning and Streetscape Study

Stretching across the middle of the city, Eglinton Avenue is a critical east-west spine that connects diverse neighbourhoods to each other and beyond. In 2014, the City completed the Eglinton Connects plan for the central part of the corridor, which established a clear vision for the corridor in support of the Crosstown Light Rail Transit (LRT) project currently under construction. The City is now conducting the Eglinton West Planning and Streetscape Study to adapt and implement this vision to the western end of Eglinton Avenue in anticipation of the Eglinton West LRT.

What is a Planning and Streetscape Study?

A planning and streetscape study considers opportunities to rethink the design of a street and possible improvements to the public realm along the corridor and adjacent neighbourhoods. A streetscape study will start with an analysis of the existing conditions of the corridor including the buildings, transportation networks, and open spaces. The findings from this study will provide recommendations for the area and identify an implementation strategy for next steps. The analysis from this study will also further inform the LRT project.

This study will recommend how the area could change and what should stay the same. It will also make specific recommendations about elements like bike paths, commuter parking facilities and street trees that should be included in the LRT project.

The Vision

“Eglinton will become Toronto’s central east-west Avenue – a green, beautiful linear space that supports residential living, employment, retail and public uses in a setting of community vibrancy.

Its design will balance all forms of mobility and connect neighbourhoods and natural valley systems to the larger city and the region.”

- Eglinton Connects Study 2014

The Study Area

The study's area of influence extends approximately 800 metres to the north and south of Eglinton Avenue West, between the Mount Dennis station (Weston Road) in the east to Toronto's border with the City of Mississauga and Renforth Gateway (Commerce Boulevard) station in the west.

Map showing the planning and streetscape study area of influence, which is approximately 800 metres to the north and south of Eglinton Avenue between Weston Road and Renforth Gateway (at Commerce Boulevard).

Project Timeline

The Eglinton West Planning and Streetscape Study started in the Spring of 2018 and is expected to be completed by the end of the year. We are currently meeting with area stakeholders to develop an understanding of the neighbourhood, and set the goals and priorities for the project.

As part of the Study, a comprehensive streetscape, public realm plan and built form analysis will be completed. They will be supported by a series of corridor segment profiles, an updated cultural and natural heritage analysis, and a multi-modal access and commuter parking study.

Timeline of the planning and streetscape study indicating the study launch in May 2018, the development of a draft vision in July, draft streetscape designs in September, and the expected completion of the study in December, 2018.

How does this apply to me?

This neighbourhood is your home, and you have a say in what happens to it. This Study is a unique opportunity for community members to provide feedback about how they would like Eglinton Avenue to evolve over time. Identifying areas for travelling, greening and building along the corridor will ultimately help the Study to plan better connections with the surrounding neighbourhoods based on the specific needs of your community.

Travelling Eglinton

Regardless of whether someone is a walking, cycling, driving or taking transit, Eglinton Avenue should be a safe and pleasant experience for all users. A high quality pedestrian realm should have direct and convenient connections, safe crossings and accessible pathways that link to the ravines, LRT stops and other destinations that need to be provided for. Our Study seeks to enhance these connections and achieve a mobility mix that balances the needs of everyone.

Greening Eglinton

Unique to Eglinton Avenue is the valley landscape condition, with creates a green character that continues seamlessly into the city’s ravines, and connects with the Humber and Don River valleys. Our Study focuses on how future growth can integrate harmoniously with these open spaces, while improving quality of life for the community.

Building Eglinton

Eglinton Avenue can be characterized by a variety of building types ranging from low-rise neighbourhoods to tower apartments. As development continues to occur in the area, it is important to consider the relationship with old and new buildings as they integrate with the surrounding neighbourhood. The Building Eglinton theme examines the development potential along the corridor under three major headings: mid-rise development, Focus Areas, and stop locations.

Multi-use path along the Atlanta Beltline in Atlanta, Georgia


How do you define the character of your neighbourhood? How would you like to see this character evolve with the introduction of LRT?

Gateway over the Indianapolis Cultural Trail in Indianapolis, Indiana.


What are the key places and destinations in the neighbourhood that should be celebrated?

Signage indicating a bike lane on the Cours de l'Île Seguin in Boulogne-Billancourt, France


Is the current signage and wayfinding sufficient? How could this be improved for your community?

Public square and light rail vehicle in downtown Phoenix, Arizona


What areas act as community hubs, and would benefit from wider sidewalks, benches, more lighting, etcetera?

Landscaped median and light rail vehicle in Portland, Oregon.


Eglinton is quite green already; what type of planting or landscaping features could enhance the existing character and connect to ravines?

Bus stop and trees in Oulu, Finland.

Bus Shelters + Transit Stops

How could transit stops be designed to be more accessible, positively integrated with their surroundings and better connected to major transit routes?

Public art installation in Mid Main Park in Vancouver, BC.

Public Art

What type of art is representative of your community? What would be the best location for public art or murals?

Landscaped multi-use path.

Multi-use path

What strategies could we use to make cycling safer and more pleasant along the multi-use path that is connected to neighbourhoods?

Have your say

The project has just started and we need your help to better understand what your neighbourhood is all about. Based on what you’ve read, consider the following key questions:

  1. What is your experience living in this area? And what are the amenities that you value the most along Eglinton?
  2. What are the qualities of the street that you would like to see improved?
  3. What are your favourite places along the corridor and why?
  4. Think about your favourite street or part of the city: what are the elements that you like about it, and that you would like to see happen on Eglinton?
  5. How do you usually travel around your neighbourhood? Do you walk, cycle, bus or drive?

Get Involved

We want to hear from you!

We will be around the neighbourhood talking to people – stay up to date with upcoming events related to the Eglinton West Planning and Streetscape Study!

Once we have completed the analysis, we will come back with some early design ideas by the end of the summer. Our website will be updated with new materials and questions for your consideration.

The recommendations are expected to be ready by the end of the year, and we will have an open house to hear your comments. Stay tuned!

Feedback can also be provided by email or by phone: