Traffic Optimization Along Eglinton


Traffic Infiltration Study Update

Traffic Infiltration Study results show that a surface-running LRT with 10 stops will not cause any significant impacts to traffic diversion or infiltration into surrounding neighbourhoods.

Left-Turn Analysis

Due to community concerns, the option of Michigan-lefts was not pursued. Prioritized left-turns will be permitted at intersections with traffic signals by way of dedicated left-turn signals. Once the LRT is operational, a separate traffic signal will allow LRT vehicles to travel through the intersections.

What is a Michigan Left?

A Michigan Left is when instead of turning left at the intersection, a driver proceeds straight through the intersection, makes a U-turn and then makes a right turn at the signalized intersection to complete the planned turning movement.

Corridor Traffic Optimization

Street operations with LRT have been modelled at a conceptual level. Operations for all road users would be further optimized through the detailed design phase of work.