Potential Traffic Impacts of LRT on Surface

We know there are traffic issues along Eglinton, and many of those issues start at the Martin Grove and Eglinton intersection.


Martin Grove and Eglinton Study

We have completed a study of the Martin Grove and Eglinton area to identify potential changes to the traffic network to help improve traffic flow and operations.

What Improvements Can We Make?

What Changes Could We See?

The introduction of the Eglinton West LRT alone will have little impact to traffic conditions. With the LRT and changes to the Martin Grove and Eglinton intersection, we will see some minor improvements to overall travel time along the corridor.

Emerging Results

Modelled Results: Mt. Denis to Renforth auto travel time

Existing Conditions: 15 - 19 minutes

2041 without LRT: 21 - 38 minutes

2041 with Surface LRT: 22 - 41 minutes

2041 with LRT and Reconfiguration: 21 - 40 minutes

Next Steps

Following Phase 2 Public Meetings, we will conduct a cost-benefit analysis to determine if the preferred alternative will be recommended to City Council in Spring 2019.