What We Heard From You - Benefits

You told us about how you think the Eglinton West LRT will benefit you:

"I will have a viable option to leave my car when I need to access amenities like grocery stores, and will greatly improve my commute to work downtown since the LRT will run on its own route."

"Closer transit connection will open up more opportunities to people and give access to new neighbourhoods to explore and participate in."

"Hopefully, it will allow me as a senior to ‘age in place’ if transportation links are improved.”

"Faster, cheaper, predictable transport."

“Better access to the subway system. An alternate route to downtown. Quicker access to jobs. Convenient/fast access to Pearson Airport. Quick connection to Mississauga Transit. More convenient access to York University.”

“Improved service accessibility in our neighbourhoods mean features like restaurants and personal services can flourish on the LRT line and be accessible to more people.”

“Less cars using local roads, better for the environment.”