History of the Eglinton West LRT


Completion of a Transit Project Assessment Process (TPAP) for an LRT line on Eglinton Avenue from Kennedy Station in the east to Pearson Airport in the west.


Construction of the Eglinton Crosstown LRT began between Kennedy Station and Mount Dennis (Weston Road).


As the SmartTrack program evolved, plans advanced for the western portion of the approved Eglinton West LRT that included refinements and preferred stop locations for the section between Mt. Dennis and Renforth Station (Commerce Blvd).


Public consultation on the Eglinton West LRT, including a review of stop locations and potential grade separations, improvements at the Martin Grove intersection, identification of the route to Pearson Airport, and introduction to the Planning and Streetscape Study and Traffic Optimization studies.

December 2017

Council Direction for the Eglinton West LRT:

  • Approval of 10 stop locations; and,
  • Staff to investigate further grade separated and/or tunneled options and develop an enhanced evaluation framework that
    places additional consideration on local community interest.


Formation of the Community Working Group and ongoing engagement with stakeholders and community members.

2019 (We are here)

Update of associated studies, including the:

  • Options Analysis;
  • Martin Grove and Eglinton Traffic Study;
  • Traffic optimization studies; and,
  • Eglinton West Planning and
    Streetscape Study.