In the Community

Below you’ll find news, updates and information about recent public events that have taken place in your community! What have we been up to?

Greetings from Eglinton Avenue West!

We've been handing out postcards about the Eglinton West LRT at various bus stops along Eglinton Avenue West. Rapid transit on Eglinton West from Mount Dennis to Renforth Station (Commerce Boulevard), and beyond to Pearson International Airport will mean more travel connections for local and area residents and better access to businesses and jobs.

School Visit: Martingrove Collegiate Institute

We visited Martingrove Collegiate Institute to speak to students about the project. Many students told us that they live close to the Eglinton West corridor and are excited about how much easier it will be travelling to school once the LRT is in service. If your school or youth organisation is interested in learning more about the Eglinton West LRT or transit planning and delivery processes in the City, please contact us at We can host classes/workshops related to Geography, Visual Arts, Civics, Canadian & World Issues and Math.

Pop-Ups at Richview Library

We've been holding pop-ups at Richview Library to inform residents about the Eglinton West LRT. Come and say 'hello' next time you see us! We visited Richview Library again on November 13, 2018. Stay tuned for updates on when we’ll be holding our 2019 pop-ups!

Behind the Scenes: EWLRT Filming, September 15 and 29

A short video about the Eglinton West LRT is coming to screens near you in January! We don't want to give too much away, but the video stars City Planners and some very intelligent children teaching us about the benefits of the project. Here is a sneak peek of what is to come: [Video Teaser Coming Soon]  

Planning and Streetscape Walking Tour #2, September 25

We held another walking tour on September 25. Luckily, the rain held off and we were able to walk from Rangoon Rd, under the 427, to Martin Grove Rd. During this segment of the tour, we discussed innovative ways to transform the underpass to make it more comfortable, safe, appealing, and cyclist and pedestrian friendly. The TTC bus then drove us to Kipling Ave, Royal York Rd and Scarlett Rd. At these stops, we talked about elements of the streetscape that could be improved, important heritage sites and potentially upgrading existing infrastructure to accommodate increases in pedestrian and cyclist volumes. You can still participate in the Planning and Streetscape Study by visiting and commenting on our interactive map:

Planning and Streetscape Study Walking Tour, August 1

We had a great time on our walking tour for the Eglinton West Planning and Streetscape Study! Starting at Eglinton West Ave and Weston Road and ending at Renforth Station (pictured), our group travelled to various interest points along the Eglinton Ave West corridor. Discussion on the tour focused on participants' experiences with living, visiting and travelling around the area; participants' favourite parts of the corridor; and, areas or elements of the corridor that could be improved. You can still participate in the Planning and Streetscape Study by visiting and commenting on our interactive map: