As part of SmartTrack, plans are being refined for the Eglinton West LRT that will run from Mount Dennis to Renforth Station (Commerce Boulevard). Work is also underway to identify the optimal route to connect the Eglinton West LRT to the Greater Toronto Airports Authority’s (GTAA’s) future Regional Transportation Centre and surrounding area (i.e., from Renforth Station north to Pearson International Airport).

In 2010, the City together with the TTC, completed an Environmental Assessment for an LRT on Eglinton from Kennedy Station in the east to Pearson International Airport in the west. Plans are now advancing for Phase 2 of the approved LRT that include consideration for refinements and preferred stop locations for the section between Mt. Dennis and Commerce. We are also reviewing the feasibility, costs, benefits, impacts and strategic value of potential grade separations along the route.

As we continue to refine plans for the LRT, we are also looking at ways to increase value to the community. Additional opportunities we are studying include:

Martin Grove Road and Eglinton Avenue West Review.

We know this intersection can frustrate commuters. To help ease frustrations, work is underway to examine current traffic flow through and around the intersection, and to develop solutions to reduce existing and potential traffic issues. This study seeks to better serve both local and area residents by improving connections between the surrounding road network and the 401 and 427 ramps.

Optimizing Traffic Flow.

To help ensure the Eglinton West LRT is built with consideration for current and future demands, we are conducting corridor traffic analysis. Different measures are being evaluated to determine the benefits and impacts to the local community with a goal of optimizing traffic flow in the area.

City Building.

The corridor planning study will build on EGLINTONconnects and refine the planning vision for the Eglinton West LRT corridor. This work will include a review of local land uses and market conditions, and will look at how best to develop well-connected and designed public spaces that align with community values.

Along with our partners, we are also planning the route for the LRT from Renforth Station (Commerce Blvd.) to Pearson International Airport. This will help connect area residents and local commuters from Toronto and Mississauga into the Toronto Pearson International Airport's future Regional Transit Centre (RTC) and surrounding area.

Your input to these on-going studies will help shape plans for our new Eglinton West LRT. Help build the future of your community by taking part in all engagement activities, including attending the first round of Public Meetings (on November 13 and 15), following our Facebook Page and Twitter Account and subscribing to the Project Mailing List to receive Project Updates.

Together, we can build the City and the transit network we want.

Eglinton West LRT Updates