Get Involved

Let's Keep Moving

The City knows that good planning must involve the community, and that better decisions are made when a variety of perspectives are considered. We want the community's help to shape plans for delivering a fast, reliable, safe and enjoyable rapid transit service to meet the needs of current and future commuters. We are committed to spreading the word about the Eglinton West LRT and ensuring you have all the information you need.

Our Commitment to You

We will engage the public in ways that are transparent, collaborative, and inclusive. Visit our blog to read about recent engagement activities.

We will invite feedback at every stage of the process - both in person and online.

We know that the best results come by more people participating in and contributing to the conversation, which is why the Project Team is taking this year to focus on reaching out to individuals and groups within the study area to help ensure that community members are informed and engaged in the planning process for the Eglinton West LRT. We are listening to your views.