Planning and Streetscape Study

The corridor planning study will build on EGLINTONconnects and refine the planning vision for the Eglinton West LRT corridor. This work will include a review of local land uses and market conditions, and will look at how best to develop well-connected and designed public spaces that align with community values.

The Vision for Eglinton Avenue from the EGLINTONconnects planning study: Eglinton Avenue will become Toronto’s central east-west avenue – a green, beautiful linear space that supports residential living, employment, retail and public uses in a setting of community vibrancy. Its design will balance all forms of mobility and connect neighbourhoods and natural valley systems to the larger region.

This is an image of the EGLINTONconnects Executive Summary cover page. It includes the EGLINTONconnects and City of Toronto logos. It also includes nine decorative images of the study area including two street views, images of people walking on sidewalks, markets and storefronts and a snowy hill in the winter.

Study Outcomes

Many factors  (population growth, transit expansion, market conditions) will contribute to change on Eglinton West. Building on the EGLINTONconnects vision, the Eglinton West Planning Study will:

  • - Identify the corridor's assets, opportunities and challenges;
  • - Create a streetscape plan for Eglinton West that includes the new LRT, enhanced facilities for pedestrians and cyclists, and continued accommodations for high volumes of vehicular traffic;
  • - Develop a framework to support placemaking and attractive public spaces; and
  • - Anticipate change and propose guidelines to shape it.

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